Research Databases

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Space background for Explora for grades 6-12 database
Explora for grades 6-12

Student research tool for grades 6 through 12.

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Colorful tree frog representing Explora database for grades K - 5
Explora for grades K-5

Student research tool for grades K through 5.

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Kids InfoBits Homepage
Kids InfoBits
Easy-to-use digital resource featuring age-appropriate, reliable, curriculum-related content covering a broad range of educational topics.
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Arrows pointing different directions representing Points of View Reference database
Points of View Reference Center

Examine over 400 controversial topics from at least two sides (point and counterpoint).

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Female scientist with safety glasses representing Scicene Reference database
Science Reference Center

Designed for the student researcher. Contains full text of hundreds of science magazines, journals, encyclopedias, reference books, and a vast collection of images.

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Cartoon of airport waiting area representing Transparent Languages database
Transparent Languages

Learn 100+ languages at home or on the go with a mobile device. Also offers ESL (English as a Second Language) for over 25 languages.

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Colorful background stripes for Very Short Introductions database
Very Short Introductions

Quick, authoritative, and accessible overviews on a range of subjects in the arts and humanities, law, medicine & health, science & mathematics, and social sciences.

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Icons representing subjects in World Book database
World Book

The classic homework tool is for searching on a variety of topics, including articles, audio clips, video clips, images, and timelines. Includes links for the Spanish and French versions of World Book.

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Cartoon gorilla representing World Book Early World of Learning database
World Book Early World of Learning

Contains three learning environments for young learners in early elementary grades.

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Husky dogs pulling snow sled representing World Book for Kids database
World Book Kids Encylopedia

Designed for grades 1 through 4 featuring thousands of articles, images & illustrations, teacher resources, and more

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World Book Student Homepage
World Book Student
Search World Book Encyclopedia articles, a Biography Center, dictionary, atlas and much more.
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