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What Tree Is It image tree

What Tree Is It?

Identify and learn about common Ohio trees. By only knowing one part of a tree (leaf, fruit, etc.), you can follow the samples given until you can identify your tree.

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What's That Snake image of snake crawling on the ground

What's That Snake?

Includes 30 species and subspecies of snakes that are found in Ohio. Learn about Ohio snakes or use the program to identify one you have seen.

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image of various flint artifacts

What's the Point?

Identification guide to search for arrowheads and flint artifacts.

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Icons representing subjects in World Book database

World Book

The classic homework tool is for searching on a variety of topics, including articles, audio clips, video clips, images, and timelines. Includes links for the Spanish and French versions of World Book.

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Cartoon gorilla representing World Book Early World of Learning database

World Book Early World of Learning

Contains three learning environments for young learners in early elementary grades.

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Husky dogs pulling snow sled representing World Book for Kids database

World Book Kids Encylopedia

Designed for grades 1 through 4 featuring thousands of articles, images & illustrations, teacher resources, and more

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World Book Student Homepage

World Book Student

Search World Book Encyclopedia articles, a Biography Center, dictionary, atlas and much more.
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