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November 2023 Featured Events For details, visit pickawaylib.org or pickaway.com Chair Fitness Series Thursdays, Nov. 2 and 16 10:30AM at Main Library Exercising while seated is a great alternaƟve. ParƟcipants get the benefits of exercise and socializing while reducing the risk of injury. The library has invited two instructors to show us two disƟnct styles of exercise while siƫng. Join one session or both! RegistraƟon opens Oct. 1 online and by phone. Please register individually for each session. Chair Yoga: Nov. 2 with instructor Sabrina White Chair Pound: Nov. 16 with instructor Jaysa Angles Escape Room: Camp Nevermore Saturday, Nov. 4 or Sunday, Nov. 5 at Main Library; 45‐minute reservaƟon required Immerse yourself in the spooky story to solve puzzles and riddles to “escape” from Nevermore Cove Camp, where specters and memories abound. In the “dining hall,” you will find puzzles that will lead you to Ebenezer Samuel’s treasure that has been hidden for years. RegistraƟon opens Oct. 1 online and by phone. Limit 12 parƟcipants per Ɵmeslot. Beginning PainƟng: The Joy of Color Tuesday, Nov. 14 5:45PM at Main Library Learn the basics of color and painƟng while creaƟng a sƟll‐life piece of artwork. All supplies will be provided—paint, canvas and brushes. Presented by Michaela Kaiser and Ash Sark. RegistraƟon opens Oct. 1 online and by phone. Healthy Living for Brain & Body Thursday, Nov. 16 6PM at Younkin Branch Library Learn the best choices you can make to improve the health of both your brain and your body. Presented by Lindsay Blackburn, Central Ohio Chapter of Alzheimer’s AssociaƟon.