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September 2023 Featured Events For details, visit pickawaylib.org or pickaway.com Become a DemenƟa Friend Tues. Sept. 26; 1PM‐2:30PM; Main Library DemenƟa Friends give people an understanding of demenƟa and the small things they can do to make a difference in the lives of those affected. Please register beginning 8/21/23 online or call the Main Library at 740‐477‐1644. Presented by Bonnie Burman, Ohio Council for CogniƟve Health. Dungeons & Dragons First Tuesdays 4PM—8PM (drop‐in) at Younkin Branch Library Get started with basic Dungeons & Dragons play at the Younkin Branch Library on the first Tuesday of the month. Play will be in the style of a Westmarch campaign, a form of D&D that allows a player to miss mulƟple sessions and sƟll be able to return and conƟnue play with no disrupƟon. November 17 from 12PM to 5:30PM will be an opportunity to play at the Main Library in Circleville. Home‐Grown Snacks Saturday, Sept. 23 10:30AM at Main Library Master Gardener Karen Davidson and OSU Extension Educator Jessica Lowe team up for this healthy, cost‐saving program. Samples available. RegistraƟon opens online 8/20/23. DemenƟa Friends Ohio is a DemenƟa Friendly America iniƟaƟve and a program of OCCH.