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Pickaway County District Public Library
New Library Partners Joining CLC In 2013

Columbus Metropolitan Library, Worthington Libraries and Southwest Public Libraries have made the strategic decision to join the Central Library Consortium (CLC) in 2013. This partnership will result in 11 library systems serving 1.4 million residents across six counties with nearly 1.2 million unique titles, doubling the number of titles all of those libraries currently offer their customers.


The CLC is a 25-year-old partnership among library systems who share materials, resources, servers, licenses, group purchases and even staff while remaining strong, independent library systems. Libraries in the consortium include: Pickaway County District Public Library, Alexandria, Fairfield County, Grandview Heights, Marysville, Pickerington, Plain City and Wagnalls Memorial.


“This is a great opportunity for our library patrons,” said Jim Guenther, director of the Pickaway County Library. “The CLC Board voted unanimously to welcome Columbus Metropolitan Library, Worthington Libraries and Southwest Public Libraries into the consortium. This will open many doors for our patrons.”


In May 2013, all 11 libraries will use the same online catalog system. Any customer from any of the libraries in the CLC will be able to borrow materials from any library in the consortium. Guenther said sharing services and materials between libraries makes them more efficient and less costly. All library systems appreciate the value of collaboration in a time that funding from the state has been shrinking.


“This partnership demonstrates to our community, legislators and other stakeholders that we understand the need to think differently and collaboratively in a time of diminishing dollars,” said Patrick Losinski, chief executive officer of Columbus Metropolitan Library. “By investing in advances in technology and strategic partnerships, we position ourselves as an organization ready to meet the needs and demands of our customers and communities in every strategic way we can.”


Guenther said the CLC joint effort not only helps Ohio public libraries save money, it offers unprecedented access to materials for the public.  


Columbus Metropolitan Library, Southwest Public Libraries and Worthington Libraries have been partners in sharing a catalog and materials for over 20 years so they have already seen success with sharing materials.



Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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Pickaway County District Public Library